What is counselling?

What should I expect from a Counsellor?*

  • offer a safe, confidential place, where you can talk about yourself and your life, which may be painful or confusing and may make you feel uncomfortable, angry or unhappy
  • Offer an opportunity to think and talk about yourself and your concerns in a way that you often can’t do with family and friends
  • Offer a place and time which is just for you to talk about those things that bother you
  • Listen to the way you feel and how this affects you and others
  • Accept the way you are without judging you
  • Help you to make the changes you would like to happen
  • Work hard to create a good therapeutic relationship with you so that you can work well together
  • Understand that it is not always easy to talk about problems and to express your feelings
  • Work with you towards improving your wellbeing
  • May have information and resources to share with you

Have you ever wondered who sees a Counsellor and what a counsellor does? View this video for an insight

If you have any questions about how a Counsellor can help you, please get in touch by calling 07376 079 666, emailing [email protected] or on Facebook

* copyright BACP